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Query for US states and cities using two SPARQL endpoints.
The example can be found in $DARQROOT/example/us/ .

Run it

  1. Download and setup DARQ
    1. get source code from svn
    2. set DARQROOT:  export DARQROOT=<path>
    3. set permissions: chmod u+x $DARQROOT/bin/*
    4. [set PATH:  export PATH=$PATH:$DARQROOT/bin ]
  2. go to $DARQROOT/example/us/
  3. run DARQ:
darq --query q{1|2|3}.arq --config usDescr.n3 --verbose


The data used for this example can be found at
(The files have been slightly modified.)


q1.arq: Names of cities in the state 'New York'
q2.arq: Names of cities in the neighbouring states of 'New York'
q3.arq Same as q2.arq, with different order of triple patterns.
Have a look at the output of --verbose to see the work of the optimizer.

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